数字音乐制作软件 BandLab Cakewalk x64 中文离线安装包

BandLab Cakewalk 29 中文版保留了SONAR 所有的核心功能,可以说是一个完整的数字音频工作站,不管是作曲、录音、混音、音频编辑、母带制作还是分享到社交网络,所有功能都很完整。虽然是免费软件,但没有任何限制,音轨数量也是无限的,而且其音频引擎也没有缩水,跟以前 SONAR 使用的是一样的 64 位引擎,支持跟 Melodyne 无缝同步的 Audio Random Access 技术,且支持加载 VST3 和 VST 2.x 的乐器和效果器插件。


数字音乐制作软件 BandLab Cakewalk x64 中文免费版

在不断追求创新的30多年的推动下,BandLab Cakewalk 成为现代录音室的新标准。

Cakewalk by BandLab 功能特色

只有 SONAR 提供的创意体验:先进的技术,轻松的工作流程以及放大灵感的界面。


以原始品质和无限的音频和 MIDI 轨道捕捉灵感的表演




将您的歌曲直接导出并发布到 YouTube,SoundCloud,Facebook 等

64 位混合引擎
作为第一款提供这种精密音频技术的产品,SONAR 先进的 64 位混音引擎每次都能提供干净,动态,准确的混音。

再也不用担心信号退化了。 您始终可以确保您的插件输出最高质量的音频。

SONAR 支持 Windows 机器最稳定,准确,高效的插件格式,因此您可以在项目中使用更多FX和合成器。

另一个行业首先,SONAR 与触摸设备的兼容性增加了模拟感和工作流程增强效率。

Windows 10
兼容性是标准的。 我们始终处于游戏的最前沿,确保支持所有最新的 Windows 平台。

ARA 支持
利用 Audio Random Access 的强大功能,实现功能强大的现代编辑工具的无缝集成。

特别版的 Cakewalk by BandLab 甚至保留了 ProChannel 系列的音频处理插件,包括卷积混响、均衡、磁带模拟、控台通道条模拟、峰值限制器和电子管饱和器等等。

Cakewalk by BandLab 系统要求

Cakewalk by BandLab 只有 Windows版本,需要 Windows 10  以上版本,只支持 64 位系统,当然也很好的支持 Windows 10 和触控操作。

Cakewalk by BandLab 如何激活

Cakewalk by BandLab 现已为免费软件,您只需要在官方注册一个免费帐户,在软件帮助菜单中登录即可联网自动激活。激活后软件可以离线使用。


Cakewalk by BandLab 许可证



Release Notes (2022.11 Update 1)
Enhancements in Update 1 (build
Quick group support for track effect bin Delete command
Delete All now available in effect bin menus
Improved app startup and shutdown performance when running on local network without internet or with a slow internet connection
Improved project load performance
Show Clip Stretch amount to 2 decimal places
Bug Fixes in Update 1
Crash when quick group bypassing FX Chains when other effects are in the bin
Don’t require SHIFT for quick-group recursing FX Chains, if you’re invoking from an effect already within ProChannel FX Chain
Quick group delete (CTRL+SHIFT) FX Chains across multiple tracks fails to remove the plugin instance in the other track FX chains
Quick group replace/delete (CTRL+SHIFT) effect from track effects bin should also affect ProChannel FX chain
Quick Group insert FX into ProChannel FX Rack inserts into track bin instead
Additional support for quick grouping in FX Chains
Incorrect plugin menu behavior
ProChannel can be empty after inserting a new audio track
Replace audio effect from track/bus effect bin context menu. Supports quick grouping to replace all instances of the same effect in all selected tracks/buses.
Improved MIDI clip controller rendering. MIDI controller events are now drawn darker and behind note events in MIDI clips. You can also show/hide controller events by clicking the Track view View menu and selecting Display > Show MIDI Controller Events.
Navigate to Arranger sections via context menu. You can right-click the Show/Hide Arranger Inspector button to access a list of all sections in the active Arranger track. This allows you to quickly navigate to sections without having to open the Arranger inspector.
Some VST plugins can lead to stuck notes after playback stop. You can now optionally send a ‘Send All Notes Off’ message to all VST plugins on transport stop by enabling Send All-Notes-Off Messages on Stop in Edit > Preferences > File – VST Settings.
Option to enable/disable MMCSS for ASIO drivers. Cakewalk excludes ASIO drivers from MMCSS mode by default, to avoid problems with certain devices. To enable MMCSS for ASIO drivers, select Enable MMCSS for ASIO Driver in Edit > Preferences > Audio – Playback and Recording.
Performance improvement in WASAPI mode. When MMCSS is enabled, the main audio thread now runs in MMCSS mode when driver model is WASAPI. This should improve performance a bit when running onboard audio devices in WASAPI shared mode.
Quick group support for track/bus effect bins, including Bypass, Delete Effect, and individual effect bypass.
Performance module tooltip shows audio thread priority.
Bug Fixes
Drag and drop of audio from track with patch point crashes
Crash when trying to open project with incomplete event archive (audio events with no filename saved)
Crash deleting instrument track with Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra
Application can crash on load with certain track templates
Crash when undoing the deletion of an aux track
Loading a project while another one was open could result in incorrect tempo being displayed in tempo track
Regression: Mono hardware outputs always output as stereo
Tracks sourced from aux track L/R/S always show a stereo record meter when armed
Second export of Mix Recall tasks has unexpected error
Previous MIDI loop takes can be heard during comping and/or Auto Punch+Mute Previous Takes
Overlapping Arranger sections when moving section with overwrite on empty project
Opening a project that is already open causes the document modified state to be cleared and re-initializes the open project
Bouncing with selected aux tracks alone doesn’t automatically include sources routed to the aux track, leading to silent output
Now time should not be set during Arranger move/resize operations during playback
Clip Map fails to draw correctly on AudioSnap clips
Offset tempo map loses resolution
Undo delete effect doesn’t restore MIDI Input enabled state
Orphaned envelope cannot be reassigned after replacing effect
Envelopes are orphaned after undoing track effect bin Delete Effect
Regression: Track Inspector flickers and draws after the main app window is drawn when opening a project
Browser collapsed state fails to persist when opening project
Browser width not restored correctly after expanding
Incorrect docked view order after project load
Control Bar appears cut off when switching back from a new workspace
MultiDock draws incorrectly, and views do not open after opening certain projects
MultiDock not restored to maximized after expanding